Anjaneri Fort

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Anjaneri Fort
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Location Location.png 19.99745, 73.7898
Parent Regions RegionIconUp.png Asia
RegionIconUp.png India
RegionIconUp.png Maharashtra
RegionIconUp.png Nashik
Trail Type Out and Back
Typical time 4hr(s) - 8hr(s)
Hike Distance --
Highest Elevation 1280.2 m
Elevation Gain 91.4 m
Camping Facility Dispersed Camping
Vista Points 3
Vehicle Passenger
Permits required 0 - No


The fort of Anjaneri, is considered to be the birthplace of lord ‘Hanuman’. On the way from Anjaneri village to the fort some carvings can be seen in the caves near the Ashram on top. The caves and the inscriptions are believed to be from the Jain followers. Rishi Mukh' as reffered to by the locals, Anjaneri is said to be the birthplace of Lord Hanuman. Its called Anjaneri also because cause there is a temple dedicated to 'Anjana Devi Mata' (mother of Lord Hanuman) atop the hill.


From Mumbai CST train train station, you get frequent trains to this place. In order to get to the trail head, you need to get down at the Kasara train station. This is approximately 2:20 minutes from Mumbai CST and is the second station after Kalyan.

The Hike


Camping Facilities

There is a temple near to the summit. The temple of ‘Anjani Mata’, a big temple devoted to the mother of Lord Hanuman, is an attraction by iteself. The temple is quite big. It is a good place to stay overnight. At a certain distance from this temple two different ways can be seen. The way to left hand side takes us directly to ‘Seeta cave’ within 10 minutes. This cave is made up of two rooms. 10 to 12 people can stay here comfortably. There are many carvings inside the cave.

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