Antaragange Caves

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Antaragange Caves
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Location Location.png 13.14229, 78.10063
Parent Regions RegionIconUp.png Asia
RegionIconUp.png India
RegionIconUp.png Karnataka
RegionIconUp.png Kolar
Trail Type Out and Back
Typical time 3hr(s) - 7hr(s)
Hike Distance 5 km
Highest Elevation 304.8 m
Elevation Gain 182.9 m
Camping Facility None
Vista Points 2
Vehicle Passenger
Permits required 0 - No


Antara gange is actually a temple with a pond that is believed to be getting perenial supply of underground water from the mouth of a Basava (stone bull). But, this page is for the string of talus caves in the vicinity. Talus caves are the caves formed by the gaps between huge boulders that had fallen down.

Antara Gange means, a river from within. Antaragange is 4 Kilometers away from Kolar and 71 Kilometers away from Bangalore.


From Bangalore, you have to travel North-East. That is from anywhere in Bangalore go to K R Puram --> Hoskote --> 3 km short of Kolar --> Take left towards Antaragange temple. From K R Puram, it is exactly 59 kms to the temple. Here is the google route :

During weekends, this temple is a quite a tourist spot. You can park a the foothills of the temple.

The Hike

You can park a the foothills of the temple. This is your trail head. From the trail head there are a series of steps that will take you the temple. Be careful if you are carrying any snacks with you as there are a tremendous amount of monkeys in and around the temple. They are not at all shy and they will snatch things from you. They will even inspect unattended bags and yes, they know how to open zippers of a bag.

At the temple, you will see a man made lake and you hear (and see) the fresh water gushing out of that rock formation. It is a sad irony that the lake has been contaminated very badly (by humans of course!).

Go around the small lake and there are a few steps on the opposite side of the lake (NW). Above the steps, the trail continues to the top of the hill. Trail is well tread and you wont miss it. Just stay on the trail.

On both sides of the trail, apart from wild animals and trees, there are a lot of fallen boulders. They must be the remnants of some rock fall many thousands of year ago. In some places there are gaps between those boulders which are big enough to be termed as talus caves. If you have someone in your group, who have been to the caves before (a guide), you may explore those caves. On weekends, kids from the nearby village can be found there willing to guide you to the caves. They will be waiting near the trail head or temple for making some pocket money. Please do get their help and guidance.

From here you may either continue further to the top or turn back go back to the trail head.


Camping Facilities

BEWARE : There are a few wild animals like wild boar, sloth bear etc. So, please stay on trail, be with the group. trust and do as your guide says.

There are many flat grounds on the top of the hill where you may camp. Here are the co-ordinates of a big flat ground where you 3-6 tents can be pitched easily : 13.140508, 78.095405 ( 13°08'25.8"N, 78°05'43.5"E)

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