Baratang Caves

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Baratang Caves
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Location Location.png 12.4193, 92.79428
Parent Regions RegionIconUp.png Asia
RegionIconUp.png India
RegionIconUp.png Andaman and Nicobar Islands
Trail Type Out and Back
Typical time
Hike Distance 4 km
Highest Elevation 0 m
Elevation Gain 0 m
Camping Facility None
Vehicle Passenger
Permits required 0 - No


Baratang Limestone caves are situated in the Northern island of Andaman and Nicobar islands in India. More than the caves, themselves the journey to these caves attract more accolades from tourists because this place is far awa from Port Blair the main city of the Andaman islands. This journey asses through the resticted Jarawa Tribal Reservations


Even though the walking distance to this caves is less than 2 kms, the trip will take atelast one whole day. Most of the time will be spent in the vehicle.

According to Arvind GJ's Blog, "After travelling for an hour from Port Blair, we reached the entrance of Jarawa reserve. Jarawa tribes live in this area and the “Andaman grand trunk” road cuts right through the heart of their forest. There are only few hundred Jarawa in the jungle. While Jarawa’s resist other people, Government does not want people to get in contact with them for the fear of spreading diseases and corrupting them. So, there is a system of convey that passes through their areas. Vehicles are allowed in four slots each day in the convoy. Vehicles cannot stop or nor people allowed to take photos of Jarawa (if they are found). Police vehicles in the convoy try to enforce these rules."

Here are few photos from the section of the travel in boat. All photo credits to Arvind GJ's Blog

Barantang caves route mangrove

Barantang caves route mangrove

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