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How to create a new trek information page

This is the place to create a new beta page for a trek. Just enter the name of the trek in the box below and click "Create or Edit" -- clicking this button doesn't actually create the page, but it brings up a form where you can enter all the information. Once you click the "Save" button on that page, the page will actually be created.

How to pick a name

  • Descriptive names: When picking a trek name, please use the full name even if common usage shortens the name. For instance, the name should be "Dudhsagar waterfalls" even though most people refer to it only as "Dudhsagar trek" or "rail trek".
  • Modifiers at the end: If describing a particular fork or variation of a trek, put the modifier at the end in parentheses:
Good Bad
Dudhsagar waterfalls (via rail) Rail trek to Dudhsagar falls
Dudhsagar waterfalls (upper falls) Exploring upper falls of Dudhsagar

Upper falls of Dudhsagar waterfalls

Mt. Hillary (Nepal) Mt. Hillary in Nepal
Dudhsagar waterfalls (top down) Top down variation of Dudhsagar waterfalls

Dudhsagar waterfalls- rappelling version


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