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The wiki architecture is designed to make viewing and contributing content as easy as possible. Just take a look at all the things you can do and how easy it is to do them!

Creating an account

Because spam bots are very aggressive, you must create an account for and verify your email before you are allowed to edit. We would eliminate this requirement if we could, but it is not currently feasible. Fortunately, account creation should be pretty easy and you only have to do it once!

Our email verification can occasionally stop working -- if this happens, you will not receive an email to verify your account when you first create your account. If you find yourself in this situation even after checking your spam folder for the verification email, just send User:Gokul an email and your account can be verified manually.

You should also create a User page for your account, so other users can know who you are. If you are an organization or commercial company (yes, commercial companies can contribute beta too) you should mention what services you provide and how to contact you. You can create/edit your user page at [[User:]]. Feel free to include links to your Facebook page but cripple email addresses to avoid spam (see examples User:Gokul).


Wiki code


Most contributions use Wiki code -- you'll see this type of code whenever you click Edit on a page. The Quick Reference Guide explains the basics of how text formatting works in Wiki pages. Wiki code is designed to be easy to use, but you don't even need to learn what it is to use it -- just use the formatting buttons above the editing text box to apply formatting to your content. If you want to do anything fancy, just find a page that already has something similar and then click Edit to see what wiki code it used to make that happen.

Add or correct information

  1. Log in (there is a link in the upper right on any page in this wiki)
  2. Go to the page you want to edit
  3. Click on "Edit With Form" tab in the cluster of controls in the upper right. You will be presented with a Web form kind of page where you can easily add / edit content.
    1. If you would rather prefer the "Wiki-code" mode, click on the Edit tab instead of the "Edit With Form" tab.
  4. Improve or add content by changing the text in the box
  5. Enter a small summary of your changes and click Save page

High quality content

The Manual of Style contains guidelines on what ideal contributions would look like, but don't be afraid to add content now and edit later!

Managing contributions

The Managing contributions page explains how to monitor changes other people do to your contributions, get notifications by email and how to solve vandalism.

New content


Some types of information have special formats, so you should use the appropriate tools when creating pages with this type of information. To add this type of information, first verify that there is not already a page for information you want to add (search and/or look in regions on the Trek Information page). Then use the appropriate form:

Make sure to click Save at the end!

Pages that need improvement

Pages that have little or no content but are known to be useful may be found in the list of stubs. Also, many canyon pages contain only very basic information and links to other beta sites; these can be substantially improved.

Signing your name

On Talk pages, it is often useful to sign your message. To do so, just add four tildes (~) in a row at the end of the message.

Specific tasks

Adding pictures to a page

The Adding picture files page explains a way to add pictures using the [[File:]] directive.

Renaming a trek

Because TrekWiki has a number of features that identify treks by their names, renaming a trek is not quite as simple as renaming its page. The simplest way to rename a trek is to contact Gokul with the old and new trek names, and he will use a tool to perform all the tedious steps automatically. If you would like to rename a trek yourself, just perform all of the applicable following steps:

  • Rename the main trek page
    • Renames are accomplished by clicking the little triangle near the upper right of the page, and then selecting Move
    • If you are given the option, generally leave a redirect so that links don't get broken
  • Rename the banner image. The correct name is "<Trek name> Banner.jpg"
  • Rename the KML map. The correct name is "File:<Trek name>.kml"
  • Update all rating pages (these are pages created by users when they rate treks). To find the rating pages, create a new wiki page, add the wikicode below (replacing <trek name> with the old trek name), and preview it (no need to save it). On each rating page, change the Page= parameter to the new canyon name.
{{#ask: [[Has page rating::+]] [[Has page rating page::<Trek name>]]}}
  • Rename all rating pages. The correct name is Votes:<Trek name>/<User name>
  • Update all condition reports. To find the condition reports, do the same thing as with the rating pages, but use the wikicode below. On each condition report page, change the Location= parameter to the new canyon name.
{{#ask: [[Has condition location::<Trek name>]]}}
  • Update all incidents. To find the incidents, do the same thing as with the rating pages, but use the wikicode below. On each incident page, change the Location= parameter to the new trek name.
{{#ask: [[Has incident location::<Trek name>]]}}

Adding a new trek with the same name as an existing trek

Two canyons cannot share the same page name, so adding a new canyon with the same name as an existing trek requires a few extra steps. For example, if there were an existing trek named Pine Canyon in Arizona and you wanted to create a page for Pine Canyon in the San Gabriels, you would follow these steps:

  1. Create the new page
    1. Pick a name that is unique by adding parenthetical clarification at the end of the name -- for instance, "Eaton Canyon (Upper)" or in this case, "Pine Canyon (San Gabriels)"
  2. Pick a new name for the existing page
    1. Use the same parenthetical clarification method -- in this case, "Pine Canyon (Arizona)"
    2. If multiple clarifications are needed, separate them by commas -- for instance, "Pine Canyon (Upper, San Gabriels)"
  3. Rename the existing page (see above for details on how to do this)
  4. Create a disambiguation page
    1. Since the page "Pine Canyon" no longer exists, some links from other pages might be broken. To fix this, we will add a disambiguation page for Pine Canyon listing all the different Pine Canyons on the wiki
    2. Add a parenthetical "disambiguation" to the end of the basic name and type it in the search box in the upper right -- in this case, "Pine Canyon (disambiguation)"
    3. Click Go
    4. At the top of the results, there will be a red link to create this page on the wiki -- click that link
    5. Fill in that page with a list of all the different variations of that canyon that exist on this wiki using code similar to that found for Pine Canyon (disambiguation)
    6. Save the page
  5. Create a redirect to the disambiguation page
    1. We still don't have a page named "Pine Canyon" -- we will create one that automatically redirects to the disambiguation page
    2. Type the basic name in the search box in the upper right and click Go -- in this case "Pine Canyon"
    3. At the top of the results, there will be a red link to create this page on the wiki -- click that link
    4. Enter this wiki code in the page and save it (where XXX is the base name of the canyon):
#REDIRECT [[XXX Trek (disambiguation)]]

Adding a PDF file

The Adding PDF files page explains how to add PDFs. You can also see examples in the Quick Reference Guide.

Adding a KML map

The Map Creation page explains how to create and upload KML maps and what Guidelines to use for colors, route names, etc.

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